HoloPro™ - The Original: Brilliant & Bright

HoloPro™ is the patented solution for living projections on glass. HoloPro™ stands for "holographic projection screen“. Holography is what makes it all possible: brilliant colors illuminate on a transparent screen - and they do so even in broad daylight!

HoloTerminal - Unique Design, Technical Brilliance

The HoloTerminal can display information and presentations as bright as day on location. The element, with its extremely sophisticated design, adapts perfectly to any environment it is set in. Unlike traditional terminals, the technology withdraws gracefully to the background in visual terms. Here it is the design that plays the starring role: a bent glass screen with a 30” HoloPro™ 4 film laminated into it presents your message in a floating image.

January 2015 - HoloPro™ on Fashion

HoloPro™ on display at the Voque Fashion Night Out

May 2014 - HoloProTM enjoys another success at the Geneva Motor Show

  Allthoug HoloProTM has already had the privilege of being...